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“ The man who brought us Woodstock: Elliot Tiber."
– by Ellen Kanner, Miami Herald. Read full review

“ At last: a queer memoir that puts the "wood" into Woodstock."
– Book Marks by Richard Labonte. Read full review

“Momentous... [a] thoroughly entertaining tale [and] very human story."
– Publishers Weekly

“Comic and creative ...[from] the man who serendipitously brought the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival to Bethel, NY, in the summer of 1969... recommended.”
– Library Journal

“Gleefully candid and often hilarious...the story of a middle-aged gay man challenging bigotry, intolerance and the rural peace of Upstate NewYork residents for the legal rights to sing,dance, and make love not war.”
– Foreword Magazine

“Of great interest to collectors of rock trivia and history... a tale worth hearing.”
– Kirkus Reviews

"...Whoa! Totally awesome and even far out and groovy! This book is absolutely amazing!..."
– Cheri Clay. Read full review


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