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Elliot Tiber has been a professional creative writer for over thirty-five years. He has written and produced numerous award-winning plays and musical comedies for the theater, television, and films around the world. He was also dramaturge for the National Theater of Belgium. He was a semi-finalist in the Academy Awards for best film. As a professor of comedy writing and performance, he has taught at the New School University and Hunter College (CUNY) in New York City.
Mr.Tiber is also a best-selling author. His first novel, Rue Haute, was an instant bestseller in Europe, and was published in the US as an Avon Paperback under its English title, High Street. As a humorist, Elliot Tiber has appeared on CNN, NBC, CBS, CNBC, and 20/20, as well as on television shows in France, England, Tokyo, Moscow, and Berlin. Tiber has also performed his standup one-man show, Woodstock Daddy, for clubs, theaters, and TV. He currently resides in both New York City and California.

Elliot is available for interviews, public speaking, college lectures and signings. Contact Elliot: elliot@elliottiber.com
Heis also current developing gaystock

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Tom Monte has written more than 30 books and many hundreds of articles for such magazines and newspapers as Life, Saturday Evening Post, Natural Health, and the Chicago Tribune. Among his many works are The Way of Hope, about the AIDS crisis in New York City. Tom is also the co-author with Dr. Anthony Sattilaro of the best-selling books Recalled By Life (Houghton Mifflin, 1982) and Living Well Naturally (Houghton Mifflin, 1984).
Forthe past twenty years, Tom has lectured and provided workshops on healing and personal transformation throughout the United States and Europe, including the University of Massachusetts and Yale University. In May 2005, he was the keynote speaker for the American Cancer Society's Living With Cancer Conference in Augusta, Maine. He and his wife, Toby, live in Massachusetts and are the parents of three adult children.


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